Taken from the 1980 Hash Yearbook

A First Time For Everything

The Hash finally came to Kobe in January 1978. Actually Pat Donoghue tried to organise a run on Boxing Day 1977, but only Pat, Roger Richards, Dec Dunphy from Tokyo, and a homosexual dachshound from Fukiaiku, took part. What actually happened on the run, and where the on-on was located, has never been recorded but there are a lot of dachshounds in Fukiai with the characteristics of Pat (pot belly) Roger (passion for 1000 yen notes) and Dec (ability to fart on demand). This is however, the first departure from fact in the Year Book, - but will occur frequently hereafter. The "actual" first run started (late, another first) from the KRAC on Tuesday 9th January 1978, with Pat and Roger as the Hares and fourteen hounds. An auspicious start entirely due to Pat's efforts for what promised to be a solid future for the Kobe Hash. For the record thoes who made the first hash run in Kobe were.- Glenn Cooper, Ian Cucknell, Pat Donoghue, Dean Hackett, Peter Jamvold, Tom Lisle, Keith Mutter, Walter Marthaler, Tim Mainprize, Roger Richards, Jeff Stansfield, Mike Stockdale, Sandy Tosh, Bill Smith. Run #2 (Monday Jan. 16) Pat finally got Tony Parry to participate. Up to that time Pat, as a former Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo Hashman, was the only bloke with Knowledge of how the Hash (mis) operated, No. 2 at Nigawa was the first "country" run and was enjoyed by everyone that took part. The on-on at the Yakitoriya in Shukugawa was memorable as the place where (mandatory) Hash nicknames were ascribed to Ian Cucknell (Tonkatsu) who had two helpings of Tonkatsu and one of chips: Jeff Stansfield (Bangbang) - and also to Pancho Tosh, All-balls Cooper and Sugar Lisle - all of which are self evident - especially All-balls. Run #3 saw the first on-on at the Cowboy. Run#4 saw the KH3 first AGM held- in the ladies' locker room at the back of the Kobe Club Squash court, following an unmentionable run. Pat and Tony Parry became the first Joint Masters- Roger Richards was declared Hash Cash; Bill Smith, Hash Horn and Peter (Jamrag) Janvold - On Sec. Nicknames continued to be allocated as new members came on the hash. There was dean "The Bean" Hackett, Lemoine "Leamington" Lucas, Walter "The Wanker" or "Kleine Walli" Marthaler, and so on, and so on.... David Clarke joined circa Run #14 (the Hash Trash doesn't record his exact first run) and was eventually named Cuntstruck. The 21st Anniversary run, on Saturday May 27th - perpetrated by the Joint Masters - featured the first run for Harriets, the first live descent into a sewer, the first Hash party and the first general issue of Hash shirts. Run No.39 was the first ever away run - on Awaji, on Saturday September 23rd - piloted by Dunafew and Yugi. The run itself was a shortie - rather like Dunafew's dick, which was exposed on numerous occasions throughout the evening. The party on December 2nd 1978 prior to run No.50 featured 47 drunks and Roger Richards. Kazz Maeda chundered all over the tatami and Alan Taylor brown eyed everybody. The No.100- like the young man fron Kent came, and went, as did the 125th all of these anniversary runs being put into the memories of most of the inhabitants of Kobe and the lovers in cars on Futatabi, by the issue of Hash Tee Shirts.

Early 1980 was marked by an overseas visit to Hong Kong and Bangkok with a run on the latter's hash for good measure. According to those who went, they also gave good measure, as can be confirmed by the outpatient's department of the Kaisei Hospital the next week, who ran desperately short of penicillin.

During the intervening period many hashers held office; joint masters variously were Pat Donoghue, Tony Parry, Sandy Tosh, Yuji Sugioka, Koichi Ohara and Lemoine Lucas. Hash Cash were Roger Richards and Ted Koh, On Sec. Peter Jamvold, Tom Veteto, Alistair Seton, Frank Vandermeer, Bill Anderson and Lionel Mee, and hash horn Bill Smith, Simo Pesola, Dave Izard and Anders Kvale.

The latest recent anniversary run was the 150th on 27th September 1980, which started at Shioya Country Club, but ended for some elsewhere - they are still bloody well missing.

You can see therefore that our 1980 Year Book actually covers 3 years which you may say is another Kobe Hash fuck-up!

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