Kobe H3 2000th Run Scribe

Hashers started turning up early for this special run, grateful that the heavy rain from the previous evening and the morning had stopped. One thousand yen got you a special Kobe beer and a commemorative patch designed by Spicy Sausage, plus as much of the chosen beer of the Kobe Hash, Sapporo Black Label, as you wanted. We had a list of people who said they were coming but we didn't know if they would. Most of them did, plus a few more just showed up. It was good to see so many old friends. When Omanko Busu, self proclaimed Hash Emperror, arrived we knew we would not be short of entertainment. Spotting a gap in the market (we didn't do T-shirts this time) the wily entrepreneur had brought his own which he started selling even before registration opened. They were his usual cheap product but money was quickly changing hands. He did a roaring trade (and didn't give us a kick-back, ha, ha).

Soon the meeting place was full of people, many old timers and lots of visitors. Leamington, ex-JM and a veteran from Run #3, flew in as did ex-JM Slimey Phuque. We also had an Australian visitor, Spencer Hocking, from Ballarat H3 who was passing through the area. We also had visitors from Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto.

At the unusually early time of 7:20 the pack set off on the trail being laid by Bird Fucker.

Usually a report of the run would follow but as I was left to watch the bags and continue my organising duties I can't comment directly. What I do know is that the trail was very well laid (as usual) and the FRBs were hard on the hare's tail. He started off by walking, forgetting that there would be some hard runners in the pack. There was also a Beer Check, provided by seX1/9, which caused some confusion, did all the pack drink or did some just run by?

People kept rolling in, some late runners and others who missed the run completely. After much catching up with old friends we were called to the circle. We began with a toast to our departed Founder, Dunafew, and then a down-down for the hare. This was followed by mass down-downs for visitors, returnees and ex-JMs, of which there were quite a few. Then came individual down-downs for oldest member, youngest member and anything else we could think of. Presentation Kobe 2000th memorial desk clocks were given to Leamington and Slimey Phuque for remembering their old Hash and flying in for the event.

Then we were off to the OnIn, ably organised by Bunter, who also commissioned the clocks. The OnIn was at our usual Sannomiya watering hole, one of the few places capable of handling the numbers we had. There was a delicious set menu and all the booze you could handle. Pollution got a down down for leaving the horn behind at the start and so had to drink from it. Perhaps it was that or the teasing by Ploughed Mary but he eventually took off his wig, to the amazement of many and the unanimous opinion of all that he looked far, far better without it. After much food and drink, and amid the jokes and the laughter, as the evening wore on people began to drift away, trains to catch, but there was still a hard core left at around 11:30 to sing Swing Low and bring the evening to a close. As we say in the north of England "It were a reet good do".

Many thanks to Bird Fucker the hare, to seX1/9 who lugged an enormous amount of cold, cold beer to the event, to Bunter for work behind the scenes and doing the cash at the OnIn, and to Spicy Sausage who designed the patch and worked hard as beer bitch during the down-downs.

Those in attendance were:

Bird Fucker, Beerhead, Bunter, Pollution, seX1/9, Spicy Sausage, Slimey Phuque, Sloth, Noripoo, Shakuhachi, Handyman, Calington, White Powder, Delhi Belly, Speedy Peedy and her parents, Spencer Hocking, C U, Snake Semen, Yutaka Higashino, Omanko Busu, Ochan Whore Hunter, Ploughed Mary, Demon, Peel My Banana, Toyota Tits, Deep Throat, Sextant Debauchery, Kowa, Limp Rocket, PC Down Down, Ultra Man, Dances with Sheep, Lugnuts, Yoppari Unten.


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