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These messages were received on the occasion of the 1000th run

The first is from our founder Pat ‘Dunafew’ Donoghue

It’s great news to know that KH3 will be holding their 1,000th run on August 26th. I would love to be there and celebrate with you all as the Hash is a fantastic organisation and has some great memories for me over the years. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it, but please pass on my congratulations to the committee and all members of the Hash. I’ll make sure that I have a “down, down” (or two) for the Hash on the 26th.

I’ve run a few times with the local Hash here on the Gold Coast but I’m afraid that the knees are not up to it now days and a walk along the beach is about all I can cope with now. If you have a contact in the Tokyo Hash I would be grateful if you could pass it on. My son Patrick (who did a down down at the age of 3 on the 21st Run at the SCC ) will be going to a university in Tokyo next year and I would like him to join up with the Hash. In fact TH3’s logo is a copy of his footprint from the hospital. He was born in at Tokyo in 1976 with the Japanese character for running “hashiru “ written over it. I started the Tokyo Hash in 1976.

It’s good to see that both Hashes are mixed now and going strong (Jo Pratt would be pleased to know about the ladies running on Monday!!) It’s also good to see that the Hash has stuck to the Joint Masters concept and not adopted the Grand Master title which is bullshit.

I still have all the Hash circulars from the time I ran with the Hash (8 years ) and looking back to Run #1 when 14 of us participated I am only in contact with two of the original Hash, Roger Richards (Randy Rog ) and Sandy Tosh (Pancho). They both now live in Sydney. I’ve caught up with a few regulars over the years, Yugi (The Mad Garu ) and Kaz Maeda and heard of others now living in the UK such as Dec Dunphy. If the editor of Hash Trash is short of material some of Dec’s contributions are well worth reprinting ( see Trash for Run #31) Reading some of the old circulars brings back some great memories and a lot of laughs. Good to see “Sukebe “ is still running with you!!

Keep running , drinking and singing and best wishes for the 1,000th Run

On On

This is from Roger ‘Randy Rog’ Richards, the first co-hare

Can it really be the 1000th hash coming up? That’s incredible. I can clearly remember how it all started 18 odd years ago.

Not sure if I approve of the mixed hash concept but I suppose I am out of date and politically incorrect by having such thoughts!

Pat Donoghue who must take the credit for starting the ball rolling, had previously started the Tokyo Hash and on being transferred to Kobe thought Kansai was also ripe for some extra carousing on a Monday night.

To introduce us to the ways of the Hash, We had a trial run at Shioya the previous week, I think it was Pat, Paul Meddle and myself. We spread the word around the KRAC, mostly to my fellow lags in the rugby team and the following Monday off we went on No.1 out into the freezing cold, all thinking what a dickhead this Donoghue fellow was!

Well, it was of course a great idea and I had immense fun over the next three years until I left for Australia. The best On-On’s tended to be held at places we only got to see once, one which sticks in my mind, maybe because I organised it, was the night at the “Cowboy “ at Rokko where things rather deteriorated and as the free beer paintjob over all the walls, several bits of the home made furniture were left not in the best of shape, and the neighbours got rather upset about the noise.

I used to live Nishinomiya at Kurakuen 4-ban Cho, so most of my hashes were set in the Kabuto Yama area which I can highly recommend. One had to be adept at scaling cliffs and the occasional gorge to Hash in this area, but it all added interest in my book, unlike the Hashes in Seoul, Manila and Bangkok which we ran on in conjunction with our rugby tours, where you had to run like hell over mostly flat country to avoid getting lost in the approaching dark. Ah! Those were the days!!

Well, finally I just want to say “ good on yeah “ for keeping it all going for so long. No doubt there have been plenty of “ checks “ in the past but character always wins through and one thing for sure, the Kobe Hash has plenty of that.

Wishing you all a great night on the 26th.

From ex-master “Psycho Tom’ Ward, now of Tokyo

I am very sad that I will be unable to attend the 1000th run this next week in Kobe , but I wish you all the best on this glorious occasion.

I well remember a run that must have been in the 400’s that I set from the KRAC on a cold January night that wad attended by a die-hard crowd of one (Alistair ). I thought at that time that this must just about be the end. Well it wasn’t , and we can all be glad for that.

Looking forward to the next 1000 runs.

Finally from someone who flew from Hong Kong to attend

It was a special pleasure for me - as the only FIRST TIME RUNNER present to participate in this SPECIAL RUN. Great too, to see the HASH going strong! Keep up this fantastic SPIRIT and
Walter Mathaler
aka Walter the Wanker

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