Hash Scribe: Run #1000, KR&AC, Kobe, 26th August 1996

Hares: Sukebe, Silver Grey

They came crawling out of the woodwork for this one, and out of the skies and trains too. Fifty or so of them showed up at the KR&AC to celebrate our glorious millennial. It was great to see so many old faces and some many of us had never seen before. Among the real, real old-timers were Walter the Wanker who flew in from Singapore (run #1), Leamington who jetted in from Hong Kong (run #3), and Oddsocks who came down Rokko mountain (run #3). Also from the real early days were Deep Throat, Golden Molar, Hash Suteki, William Tell, Come & Go, and Hash Crash. Also in this bunch were of course the hares Sukebe and Silver Grey, as was Barefoot Contessa who used to run along behind them when the Hash was men only.
From other hashes a frequent Kobe Hash visitor, hash gypsy Barbarian, flew in from Singapore, Kumming Rouge and Carrington down came from Tokyo H3, Mother Duck waddled in from Nagoya H3 and Pond Scum and Wish Bone represented Hiroshima H3.
Other hashers present were (in alphabetical order) and forgive us if we left you out: Beaver, Beerhead, Big Foot, Big Tits, Bite Size, Bonsai, Chinko Manko, Clitoris Majoris, Do It Now! Dr. Abe Sada, Gobshite, Hash Gomi, Hiragana, Homophone, Hot Pants, Lil’ Beaver, Lugnuts, Mickey Mouse, Miso Horny, Picca, Princess, Pro Blow, Roxxx off, Serendipity, Sex Sensei, Slimie Limie, Snake Semen, Sweetpeacock, and Yokozuna.
After the obligatory group photographs the oldest of the old farts er timers lead us off. Some of them immediately showed us a great old hash tradition by turning right and away from the trail and heading up the hill. Short cut! The rest of us meandered over Flower Road into Meriken Park before inevitably starting up the hill. By now the pack was pretty much spread out with some kind of Interhash Olympics at the front. Here the guile of Sukebe and the iron man strength of Silver Grey came into play. A long checkback up the hill in the park just down the road from the Kobe Club brought everyone together again and a nice breather for some of us. Are you paying attention novice hares?
On we went, inexorably, towards Tokkuin and the On On BBQ. First back, though closely chased, was Miso Horny, our extremely fit JM, though quite a few seem to have been there already. Forgive me if I don’t dwell too much on the run, good though it was. What we were all waiting for was the drinking, and talking, and singing, and Sukebe’s famous sausages, and Picca’s spicy yakisoba.
Down downs there were galore and everyone had a story to tell. Strange it seemed to me but one of the most common of these went something along the lines of “well there was just me and the hare in the pouring rain, we ran around the block, had a few beers and then went home.” As for me I remember an occasion when there wasn’t even a hare just a trail... most peculiar that one.
Well the good/bad old days were certainly behind us on the 1000th run with hearty choruses and a most amusing song with actions lead by the Wanker. Barbarian had just begun to tell me about a time he visited the Kobe Hash when there was only him and the hare when a respectful hush fell on the assembled multitude, Contessa was reading a fax from our Founder! He had not forgotten us! Sobs and weeps were heard as the words of the venerable Dunafew came floating ethereally out of the dark mountain air. Wiping away a tear the head girl er veteran hasher, who had a thick pile of faxes and evidently meant to read out the lot, pressed on with the next. She had just got to the part where Randy Rog, the co-hare of the first run was telling how in the dark days it had once been only him and the hare when a loud fart from Yokozuna reduced the crowd to helpless laughter.
So it was the night continued with endless beer, food and witticisms. One by one they began to slip into the night and it was time for Swing Low which was never performed with more gusto. Then for most a mad dash for subway and trains and the conclusion of a night to remember for a very long time.
Thank you everyone who came along, shame on you if you didn’t, and the biggest thank you of all for Sukebe and his helpers for making such a big success of the whole evening.


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