How to set a Kobe hash.

These are guidelines only. Thanks to Manko Buso, former Emperor, now of Singapore.

On On setting:

1. The first rule of any Hash is that there are no rules.

2. Take a sufficient amount of chalk (about 10 small packages) and flour (5-10 kilos).

3. Put at least one mark every 30 to 50 meters. The trail must be easy to run without the harriers having to worry about whether or not they are on the right trail.

4. Always put the marks on the right hand side. Put them under lamp posts or near poles so people or cars won't wipe them out when passing by.

5. Make big, clear arrows at corners. Again, always on the right.

6. Avoid busy streets. They are noisy and stinky, and aren't good for a hasher's health.

7. Try to make an interesting trail. A lot of variation - woods, city, beach, rivers, etc.- is more interesting. A boring trail will result in additional down downs!!!

8. The trail should take around one hour to run or be 8K to 10K long.

9. Make around four or five checks or check-backs (CB) in a run. The checks are to slow down the fast runners and to keep the group a bit more together. There are three possibilities for the check:

On the true trail, there should be a clear on on sign within 300 meters.

10. Checks should be in quiet areas. If the checks are in a noisy area, the harriers cannot hear the on on shout or the Horn. Besides, we should let the populace know the Hash is around.

11. Near the end of the trail there should be an "on home" sign. The "on home" sign allows the fast runners to speed up for the last kilometer. It also tells the harriers that beer is coming soon.

On-on running

1. Remember the first rule - NO RULES.

2. Follow the arrows. Short cuts or getting lost results in down downs.

3. When running shout "on on", "on left", "on right", "on up", "on down", "on over", etc. whenever you see a mark.

4. If you see a check, shout "Check." Two or three hashers should proceed in each direction. Ask: "Are you...?" Answer: "Checking" until the "on on" is heard. (Always, loud voices please.)

5. If the trail is not clear and you have doubts, shout "Are you...?" or "Looking." Do this until the on on or true trail is found.

6. Carry chalk and mark the checks and CBs clearly. That way the late starters or slow runners don't have to search again.

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