What Is Hashing?

Basically a hash consists of:
1. A run. A trail is laid by one of the hashers (the hare). The trail consists of chalk or flour marks, or pieces of paper, depending on the particular hash. The trail can be pre-laid or begun just a few minutes ahead. At a given signal the rest of the hash, (the harriers, hounds or pack) set off in pursuit. The idea is that there will be tricks, or false trails, so that the pack stays somewhat together. The length and difficulty of the run depends on the hash, and the hare, but will typically be between 6 and 10 km, or about an hour.
2. A circle. When the run is over the harriers gather together to drink beer and observe their religious ceremonies which consist of drinking more beer, this time ritualistically. Down downs (drinking in one) are given to the hare, newcomers, and anyone else for which it is thought appropriate. The ceremonies can last a couple of minutes or half the night depending on the level of religious fervor of the hash.
3. The On On. Most hashes suspend the religious activities for while to repair to a local hostelry where more beer is drunk and food may be served. Religious activities then continue. Depending on the nature of a particular hash the On On may become somewhat debauched, (if you are lucky).
If you read the above carefully it should be apparent to you why the hash has been called a "drinking club with a running problem."

Although begun by expatriate Britons in the colonial era, hashing is now a world-wide phenomena. It is particularly strong in North America, Australia and the Far East. There could be a hash near you. Start hashing today, life is too short to waste.

I'm converted, show me my nearest hash!

Hang on there, tell me more about hashing!

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